Vindaloo Philm-Wallah

On-set dream with DL

Some how I find myself walking up a shallow driveway of a suburban two-storey house, it could be from a neighborhood in my NC hometown or could be in California. Around an anonymous car I walk into the open garage. Two or three people are there, someone is on the floor with schematics laid out and a couple are in chairs at garage desks. Its summer and hot and everyone is very casual. I say a quick hello but don’t want to intrude. I just listen to the back and forth and pick up on the fact that I’m amidst the earliest planning conversation of the next David Lynch film. In fact under a baseball cap pulled down and in dark shades is the man himself, sitting cross-legged smoking a butt. I didn’t recognize him at first as the person sitting in front of me has an Hawaiian shirt open over a white t-shirt and cargo pants. Conversation turns to me regarding some art department work and I tell them “I’m ready.”

Later on-set with many more people rushing around, DL is much more naturally dressed. He’s giving out directions to set construction, placement of various pieces of hardware, etc. I am attentive to what he’s asking of each member of the crew and stand eager to receive my command. In the meantime, I assist another crew member move this or that or even dispense some ‘useful’ advice due to my ‘experience.’

DL moves off set and let’s the techs do their work. The set is in a studio but it is built like the top of a posh high rise with a veranda area with a few recliners. The indoor lighting is replicating the sun, about 3PM. I go an sit on one of the outdoor recliners and thumb through the shooting script. I’m exhilarated to be back on set. It’s my favorite part of the whole filmmaking process. Next to me comes and sits DL, again back in his summer attire, but without the cap. His gray pomp is resplendent. He has his own notebook and seems to be in a jaunty mood.  Even though I can’t recall our conversations, they must have had a positive effect as he knows me and seems comfortable in my company. He turns to me and proclaims, “look at us, why don’t they think we’re gay?”

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