Vindaloo Philm-Wallah

  • Kewpie sustainability!

    A little fuzzy but as you can see, a certain discount airline has stolen my idea while I slept. This is a life preserver for your Kewpie doll in case the plane goes down or if it doesn't like baths.

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  • Morning rush in the Oculus, downtown NYC.

    "The fact is, all New Yorkers HATE the color black, can't stand it. However, some urban myth developed back during the Great Scottish Pork Taboo stated otherwise. This is why tourists pack all their black clothes when they come to NYC and commute around."

    -  Det. Dowd Thickely - Sc. 34B - l'Odge d'Oor

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  • The Red Lodge

    In honor of my "Twin Peaks: The Return" Blu-Ray purchase today, I'm posting this picture I took from 'The Grove,' in a tiny village called Dunleer in Ireland. This is the smoking shed behind the pub, the red glow is produced by heating lamps that don't really work. Anyway, other things bring the warmth in this establishment. 'The Red Lodge' as I call it, does have a slightly eerie feeling about it when left alone with its crimson glow combined with the deep silence of the rural farmlands. If in this neck of the wood, I do recommend the local butchery. 

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