Vindaloo Philm-Wallah

The Boss plays with her foot at the end of the bed while they make small chat...

I am attending a family wedding held in a farm setting. I try and help my mom by helping prepare the food in the kitchen. She is being impatient with me and she is about 40 years old. I go outside and spread out a bunch of greens in the grass from a large bag by the gravel driveway. As soon as they have been strewn I begin to bag them up again. I see that I need more bags so I look at a nearby rotating rack which holds cheap, folded rain ponchos. I return to the kitchen with a question for my mom and she curtly tells me to 'figure it out.' My old friend RdF arrives, walking up the gravel driveway holding a gift but I can't chat and catch up right then. I turn and head into a department store to try and find a bag to put all my greens in. I pass through the store finding nothing and return to the rack next to the driveway on the farm. 

Someone yells for me to go inside the main house and I go upstairs to a white, rustic bedroom. My sister is laying in the bed, clothed. I ask her if she is going to get dressed for the party and sit down on the bed beside her. My question produces a self-inflicted panic as I only have sweaty work clothes on myself. Just then the bedroom door opens and Bruce Springsteen enters. He and my sister start talking in an easy, familiar manner. I am thinking that their chat is sounding very friendly, almost flirtatious. I myself feel at ease and don't feel out of sorts being in the presence of such a big star. I make a joke about having nothing to wear and perhaps I'll just put on the bed sheet like a toga. I also joke that a lot of people would like to date my sister, too. The Boss plays with her foot at the end of the bed while they make small chat, then gets up and says he'll see us at the reception and exits. As he leaves, my sister, married for 20 years with four kids, says she has something to tell me. She says that our uncle had an unnatural crush on her since puberty, but he didn't do anything to her physically. He just said skeevy things and sent oddly suggestive gifts. I ask about her relations with Bruce and she tells me that they have been having an affair for 29 days, she says that they met at an event that she and her husband T attended. He's a LED salesman. 

People outside the house are now clamoring to get inside as a storm is fast approaching. I run the other way with a few recycling bags to fetch as many of the greens blowing around on the grass as I can. 

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