Vindaloo Philm-Wallah

All Dylan All The Time

At first I was attending a Bob Dylan concert in a medium sized football stadium. It was daylight and the venue seemed more like an older English stadium or a college football stadium here in the US. The steps and seats were old and concrete, not modern at all. Curiously the section where I found myself unaccompanied, was populated with loads of very young children and their mothers. Kids and their accouterments were everywhere. There were blankets, coloring books, toys, bottles and children scattered all over the seats and in the aisles. Clearly they were not interested in the show at all but having a grand time at their massive playdate. A few groups of mothers stood like buoys monitoring the sea of toddlers, also not prioritizing the performer on the field. I passed through trying to find my seat, delicately stepping around children and sippy cups. 

I made my way down from near the top of the semi-covered arena to an area closer to the field. I squatted down in an empty space beside a few others doing the same in an area where there were no seats. It seemed that this small space was formerly perhaps a janitor's closet that had been partially torn down. A window facing the field was all that was left of this six-or seven foot area in the middle of the stadium seats. As I crouched and focused my eyes I could see Dylan on a small stage on the field. It was chilly and he was bundled up in a coat, scarf and mittens(?) He wasn't playing at the moment and you could see through his frosty breath he was smiling (!) A small group of 4, also bundled came up to him on the stage and as he clearly recognized them he eagerly shook hands and gave out hugs. I felt a tap on my shoulder, was I obstructing someone's view? I turned as if to get up but a man pointed down to the field instead. He asked if i knew who those people greeting Dylan were, I told him I did not. He said they were 'Blondie.' Right at that moment on the field I see Debbie Harry with her long gray hair grab Dylan's face and plant a lovely, warm kiss right on his mouth. She held it for a few seconds and then finished with a dramatic 'Muah!' Both of them had huge grins on their faces, the crowd cheered and inside I melted. It was so sweet and unexpected.

Next I find my self stepping out a window onto a flat roof space that's only 3' x 3', not very big. I'm up about three stories and its a beautiful, cloudless day going towards mid-afternoon. The setting is sparse, like a Magritte or de Chirico painting. The building I'm in stands about five stories total and about 40 yards away on the same side of the street is another one just like it. In between is a small plot of grass and what looks like a windowed porch but it's not attached to a house. It's just an open room on one side and the roof and walls are made of glass. Inside there's only enough room for a couch and a few plants. From my perch looking down I see there sitting, strumming a guitar, none other than Dylan himself. He's singing a song I don't recognize, but its in the jauntier tempo of something like "Love Minus Zero/No Limit." The one line I did hear and remember goes like, "The clothes on the rack there didn't say a word, they were muted."

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