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JONES turns 10-Years-Old! Stream it now!

JONES turns 10-Years-Old! (or there abouts...) Can you believe it? Our very first feature has hit a milestone. As it lost its lease on FANDOR so to speak so we have it up on Vimeo On Demand for rental or purchase. Also the DVD is also available if you feel like watching it on yer 10-yr-old hi-fi, loaded with a mess of goodies on it. 

In other news we'll shortly be loading up GOD's LAND on the same streaming platform. Also perhaps some material from the upcoming 'l'Odge d'Oor.' In the meantime, go out and ride a subway to Queens like JONES and maybe take pictures of Time Square before it changes again....

Stop by the Store and click on the hot, Streaming Link!

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